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More than travel guides, we are motorcyclists, we know what it takes, the best paths to take, where to taste regional cuisines and which are the most special hotels to spend the night.

Therefore, we have a flexible infrastructure tailored to the needs of traveling motorcyclists.

South Africa

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More than travel guides, we are motorcyclists,

we know what it takes to drive on the best roads

Cape Town to Cape Town

Probably the best motorbike adventure in South Africa!

Moto Travel Tours will take you on an unforgettable trip through the lands of Nelson Mandela.

In the magic of Morocco

Marrocos é já um dos destinos mais visitados em África, mas mesmo assim mantém aquele mistério e itinerários fora dos traçados das agências de viagens, aqueles que valem mesmo a pena e que farão da sua viagem uma experiência inesquecível.  

Beyond Marrakech

The culture shock that makes even the most seasoned traveler’s heart throb is felt as soon as we arrive. This unique country provides ever so different moments throughout the trip, with the truly exotic places and unique experiences set against the constant cultural exchange with the Moroccan people, always warm and welcoming.

Iceland – Paradise in Europe’s best kept secret

To all who love and respect Nature, Iceland is the embodiment of Heaven on Earth. Immense colonies of puffins, wild geese, diving-ducks and dozens of other migrating birds turn the island into a bustling maternity ward as soon as the temperature rises, on the first sunny days of May. The seas are permanently crossed by whales, while sea lions sunbathe on the edged rocks, so close we can almost stretch our arm and touch them.

IN Portugal

A journey through the history and tradition of Portugal, driving a BMW motorcycle along some of the best roads, not forgetting the N-222, considered the best road in the world by the World Best Driving Road, will travel through mountains and mountains, historic cities and centenary provinces, culminating on the Atlantic coast.

Iberian Tour – Portugal and Spain

A great tour by the North of Portugal and Spain width a spectacular view of the beauty of the mountains.

Desde 4.350,00€

Itália Mágica

Conduza uma BMW pela história e nas paisagens emocionantes de Itália, prove os sabores e deixe-se contagiar pela alegria dos italianos.

Programas Especiais

A Moto Travel Tours está preparada para poder ajudá-lo(la) em vários roteiros especiais na Europa e África. Se você tem uma idéia diferente de roteiro, podemos organizá-lo para você, indicando