Cape Town to Cape Town

Cape Town to Cape Town


Probably the best motorbike adventure in South Africa!

Moto Travel Tours will take you on an unforgettable trip through the lands of Nelson Mandela.

Starting in Cape Town, through the world-famous and breathtaking coastal routes, we head to the interior.

Riding through spectacular landscapes on paved or un-surfaced roads, you can explore every angle of the Cape´s beauty.

After a day of riding, lay back and relax in luxury, while watching the splendid African sunset remembering and sharing the emotions of the day with the other riders around a traditional South African fire under one of the most beautiful starry skies.

Traveling by motorbike in South Africa is to be in contact with nature and wildlife.

Riding from the long endless roads of the semi-arid desert to the roads along the tropical coast with magnificent views, is an unforgettable experience combined with your BMW… What more do you need?!